Winter Sports

In Himalayas there is magic in every season and experiencing winter sports will make you alive to this. The sheer majesty of the mountains in winter will take your breath away. Miles and miles of white far as your eyes can see and not a single sound except that of your breathing, the memory of it will burn its way into your heart. There is a solace in the calmness where nature itself seems to be pausing and taking a breath. Come and experience these unforgettable moments as you lose yourself in nature and its varied bounty.

At HCA winter sports are our forte. All our members have been brought up on these slopes where their earliest memories are of sliding down over fresh snow on a piece of broken log. The slopes are our backyards and our aim is to let you explore them fully. Safety always remains our first priority and whether you want to learn the techniques, master them or just have plain fun our aim is to make your dream a reality.