Important Notes

We can provide all activity-specific gear, including backpacks, sleeping bags, ground sheets, tents, specialized hardware, cooking stoves with fuel, kitchen utensils, and other such equipment, as part of your adventure travel package. However, for reasons of hygiene, we do not provide personal gear like clothes, inner and outer woolens, weather-proof jackets and trousers, day packs, gloves, caps, hats, appropriate sized footwear, socks, sleeping bag liners, personal electronics, cameras, cellular phones, prescription medication, etc; and we strongly urge you to bring your own. If you are unable to bring such personal gear from home for any reason, we can recommend shops in Manali market where you can procure such articles.

Safety Instructions
As part of our pre-trip briefings, we may give you certain instructions to ensure that you remain safe and healthy during your adventure trip with us, and are able to enjoy the experience to the fullest. It is important that you follow these instructions properly, and inform us in advance if you are unable to do so for any reason.

Health & Medication
If you have any adverse health conditions like asthma, vertigo, diabetes, cardiac issues, blood pressure, previous injuries, etc, or you are taking any prescription medication, please inform us about this clearly in advance, so we can make appropriate recommendations and take precautions, including proper acclimatization, to ensure your safety and good health on your adventure trip. Help us to help you.

Alcohol & Drugs
We strongly dissuade the consumption of alcohol or the use of any drugs or illegal substances, at least 48 hours prior to your adventure trip with us, as well as for the duration of the trip itself. If any client is found to be consuming alcohol or drugs or other illegal substances while on a trip, HCA and its team leaders reserve the right to terminate the trip immediately, and return to base with the entire group, to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.

While we have substantial experience and take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety, we nevertheless require you to sign a form indemnifying us from any liability arising out of your negligence, any pre-existing health issues, natural calamities, or any other factors beyond our control.