Rock Climbing and Bouldering

Why do people climb…is it to pitt yourself against nature and prove your worth, to go to lonely clifftops where literally no man or animal has gone before or is it just to experience the surging adrenaline rush as you top out on a rock. We don’t have the answer but what we definitely do have is the knowledge of the best climbs in and around Manali. Our history with those majestic rock faces goes back to the days when our founder Ravi was but a child, running off from home to scramble over rocks and boulders with his friends. Over the years the childhood games have become a passion and all of us at HCA have explored every inch of the forests and cliffs around Manali to find the best boulders and rocks to hone ones skills on.

Whether you are a first timer clambering up your first rocky face or an expert looking to free solo the next ‘El Capitan’, we have just the nooks and crannies you need. Based on your requirements we can provide a mix of guides, equipment and instructors to help get this beautiful journey started.