HCA is not for everyone. If you’re only looking for cheap thrills, at the cheapest prices, HCA is definitely not for you. We are an adventure travel company that is focused on quality and safety. So that you can stay focused on Fun!

We’ve got you covered: from assessing your group’s capabilities and fitness levels, and recommending the ideal itinerary, to mapping your trip in detail, kitting you out properly, assigning experienced trip leaders and support teams, taking care of on-ground requirements like transport and field accommodation, providing loaders and pack mules, providing kitchen crew and equipment… if it is required, we’ll provide it.

We also factor in the local weather, as well as on-ground conditions, and modify your itinerary accordingly. We recommend time and even exercises for proper acclimatization. And we conduct detailed pre-trip briefings and post-trip debriefs, to ensure that your experience remains enjoyable from start to finish.

And we are one of the very few adventure travel companies in the region with a Zero casualty or fatality record. Yes, Zero!

Which is why clients from all over the world trust us with their adventure travel planning and execution. Again and again. In fact, most of our business comes from repeat visits and positive referrals from happy clients.

Come visit us, and see what we’re all about. And if you agree with our philosophy of quality and safety, then get on board. Your adventure awaits!